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CSR Workshop for PSU's
Date:   20th March 2015 | Venue:  HSMI (Research and Training Wing of HUDCO), Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Sharp Developments (SD) in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA); Ministry of Corporate Affairs is proud to announce one-day workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility for PSUs. This workshop will focus on evolving mandate for PSU’s under the revised DPE Guidelines and Companies Act 2013 and how to develop effective CSR portfolio - integrate GoI's flagship programs such as Swach Bharat; and develop communication and reporting parameters and brand equity.
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PSU’s have been an engine of planned development in the country since their inception.  They have contributed towards nation development while also meeting the objective of social development.

PSUs, being public organizations have greater social responsibilities in addition to their independent annual revenue targets. Long before the concept of CSR came into picture, PSUs have provided leadership towards solving socio-economic and environmental issues, natural calamities; power and energy supply issues; education and / or public health issues in India. 
The Companies Act 2013 and the Revised DPE guideline have urged the PSU’s to embrace a robust CSR practice that is in the interest of all stakeholders. These Rules have come into effect from 01-04-2014 and intend to attain the nation’s aim of inclusive growth. 

As per the new guidelines, it is mandatory for PSUs to disclose its various CSR initiatives and performance to stakeholders. Besides, in case of PSUs mere reporting and explaining the reasons for not spending this amount in a particular year would not suffice and the unspent CSR amount in a particular year would not lapse, it would instead be carried forward to the next year for utilization towards the purpose it was allocated.  

Towards this, one-day intensive CSR training workshop is being organized by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA); Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Sharp Developments.  This will equip participants with conceptual clarity on various essential policy and programmatic aspects of CSR; while they will be able to learn from case studies and best practices and be able to design innovative and effective CSR interventions.  The training will help participants develop sound understanding of the following:

CSR workshop

 How CSR of PSUs can take India towards ‘Make in India’ and ‘Swachh Bharat’
How to balance Social and Environmental responsibility with Economic Objectives
Differentiating your organization via CSR; through proper
      Implementation, Monitoring and Effective Reporting; and
      Communicating strategies for Stake holders
Improving Stakeholder relations through a structured CSR strategy

Outcome of CSR Workshop

While framing and driving the CSR program, PSUs need to find fine balance between complex business environment and expectations of different stakeholders. To build an effective strategic CSR program one needs to have great amount of clarity on various aspects of CSR; its effective implementation; selection of viable CSR intervention and their respective implementing agencies. Thus the proposed CSR interventions; would have positive impact on the national development goals as well as on PSU’s business and capacity building for future CSR program implementation. more...


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