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Our Collaborative Partners:
The Sharp Developments
four core verticals
sustainable development
Energy, Environment
social, community & rural
Education, Health & Related areas
capacity building
Human Capital Development
social enterprise
Corporate Social Responsibility

Core areas under Energy vertical include in addition to creation of Networking platform for stakeholders on exchange of ideas, views, success stories, failures, new technologies for the benefit of industry members;the following core areas:

  1. Climate Change;
  2. Low Carbon Technologies;
  3. Renewable Energy;
  4. Energy Infrastructure;
  5. Energy Security; 
  6. Off-Grid and Decentralized Energy;
  7. Knowledge Management;
  8. Public Awareness and outreach, and
  9. Energy Efficiency

Clean Energy Awareness Campaign
Sharp Developments has developed hands-on one-day module for spreading he awareness for clean energy; clean technology and low-carbon footprint lifestyle.
We are equipped with senior level sector experts to undertake such awareness campaigns and providing support to other agencies.

Energy Efficiency Advocacy

Sharp Developments, through various industry stakeholders; has undertaken energy efficiency and renewable energy advocacy programs and has rich advisory experience in relation to facilitating energy efficiency in MSMEs. And imparting training through “Train the Trainer”concept.

Knowledge Management and Sharing has been identified as a major challenge faced by most MSMEs leading to lack of sensitization on energy efficiency because of which most MSMEs do not see the need to track data essential to identifying scope for energy efficiency within enterprises. The lack of baseline data usually forms the most significant stumbling block in driving energy efficiency initiatives. To promote adoption of energy efficient culture within MSMEs, it is essential to build a collaborative Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy through which cluster specific and MSME specific tools can be identified which would enable MSMEs to share their knowledge, experience and success stories. Our advisors have been actively involved in such industry-led initiatives.

Developments collaborates with EMT International (EMT) to provides support and consultancy services on energy management covering industry sectors, development of technical interactive websites, development of utility tools such as energy calculators (software driven), sector specific energy consumption, preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Study Reports in various industry sectors, database services, etc. training programme, workshops on energy management.

Objectives :

  1. to provide Energy Management services and solutions and support to Indian industries.

  2. To provide knowledge based information services to the Indian industry.

  3. To conduct need based Energy Management workshops for industry members

  4. To undertake Energy audits and hand holding in energy efficiency projects implementation

EMT International has worked closely with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE); Ministry of Power; Government of India and German GIZ programmes during last 10 years. Our combined strength offers ranges of services:

  1. Workshops on Energy Management and creating awareness for industry and other stakeholders of EC Act.

  2. Undertaking energy management studies in various sectors of industry and analysis of data. Providing technical learning information to the industries on any subject.

  3. Energy audits and hand holding in energy efficiency projects implementation.

  4. Research work on Energy Management subjects and stake holders.

  5. Energy Management workshops, as per users requirement, for any sector of industry, technology, Renewal energy resources, equipments all across the country.

  6. Support in promoting development and deployment of new and renewal energy for supplementing the energy requirement in the country. Create awareness about alternate fuels and increase the share of clean renewal power like bio, wind, hydro, solar, through workshop for all the stakeholders, Design, develop and maintain technical websites on specialized subjects.

SHARP DEVELOPMENTS has successfully completed state-of-the-art environmental waste management and low carbon growth projects.  Our team has extensive hands-on experience in undertaking capacity building and training assignments in the areas of energy, development and environment sector.  We have pioneered environmental waste management through our patent Sharp Developments (SD) technology.   These projects have involved not only technology transfer to clients but also accompanied by comprehensive training of operators and users.

Sharp Developments works closely in Renewable space with Verdia Technologies - which is set up by professionals with extensive experience in the optical disc and solar industries. Today, Verdia Technologies partners world leaders in the optical disc and solar industries, including Anwell Technologies, Manson Solar and SunGen. The Management Team at Verdia Technologies contains professionals with over two decades' management experience.

Core areas under this vertical include:

  1. Millennium Development Goals;
  2. Environmental Awareness Workshops and Campaigns;
  3. Clean Energy Business Development Course;
  4. Environmental Tourism;
  5. Green Economy and Low Carbon Technologies;
  6. Capacity Building; Training; Policy Research and Advocacy;
  7. Publishing and Printing Environment Literature;
  8. Facilitating mandate of international development partner agencies/institutions; and
  9. Disaster Management

Environmental Awareness Campaign
Sharp Developments has developed hands-on one-day module for spreading the awareness for clean environment; clean energy; clean technology and low-carbon footprint lifestyle.

We are equipped with senior level sector experts to undertake such awareness campaigns and providing support to other agencies.

Collectively, Sharp Developments focuses upon MDG’s and makes concentrated efforts to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources.

Additionally, our Advisory team members have consulted for the Afghanistan Government and provided technical assistance for setting up energy efficiency cell with the Ministry of Energy and Water.  Decentralized distributed generation is another core area of our work portfolio and we have extensively worked in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

Sharp Developments - Delivering Sustainable Solutions
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