Backed by significant hands-on industry and sustainable development expertise, SHARP DEVELOPMENTS (SD) has established a Centre of Excellence (ICf ILD), which brings to the table wide- ranging international experience and a network of key team members across South Asia; Canada; and the United Kingdom.

The International Centre for Innovation, Learning and Development is actively involved in conducting; assisting in a range of human capital investment initiatives. A snapshot of the Centre’s activities include:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment predicated on the client’s business goals/ strategies and capacity gaps both at the enterprise and individual levels;

  • Cultural and behavioural interventions that empower staff to embrace organizational change imperatives, through an array of activities such as workshops, SME lectures and group discussions; conferences; symposia; seminars; study tours and technical excursions; customized training programs;.

  • Running Train-the-Trainer modules

  • Creation of optimal skill- mix and level through cutting edge personnel recruitment, selection, placement processes and ; training and; at local; regional or international levels

    The Centre specializes in identifying and building
     partnerships in the international arena with governments and other global agencies in a bid to reach out to a wider and more diverse community of people.

The International Centre for Innovation, Leadership and Development has been conceptualized under the aegis of Sharp Developments –a registered society under the Society’s Registration Act, 1860, India.

ICf ILD Vision:
I3 imagine, innovate and inspire

Aim of ICf ILD: 
is to promote strategies for innovation based sustainable development and build solid global reputation for excellence in our designated areas of work.

Objectives of ICf ILD:

1. Develop leadership and build capacity to foster innovation ecosystem in strategic areas such as energy, environment, education and development sectors;

2. Create and identify collaborative partnerships at both national and global level; opportunities in the marketplace; relevant best practices; and communication strategies;

3. Create value innovation to support and collaborate with business leadership and technology that delivers breakthrough value to clients when there is a perceptible change, an improvement, in value addition.

The team has critical differentiator that it can tap into rich experience of its Advisors – who have together rich and diverse international experience of working with governments in different geographies; industry; social development; training and capacity building.

ICf ILD Approach is the key differentiator
What we have learned is that there is no single best practice and success today with one approach does not guarantee success tomorrow.  There has to be a continuous learning that needs to be incorporated in project delivery for performance driven outcomes. 

ICf ILD approach to development is based on ability to forge collaborative partnerships; establish knowledge management practices and adaptation of international best practices in the given local context.

Description: ILD recognizes prerequisite for sustainable development is building an ecosystem for innovation.  Thus, no stakeholder exists or operates in isolation –it needs to be an integrated approach where capacity building of each stakeholder to identify innovative solutions is the central piece and to push innovation-based development, we need to nurture leadership across the board – be that energy; environment; health or education sector.  

ICf ILD Best Practice model is unique to each assignment and is based on our solid work experience with international development agencies such as UN and World Bank, strives to create excellence.  

Therefore, icf ild provides a broad network for professionals from different sector to share experiences and help the centre to leverage international partnerships to foster innovation, leadership and development.. This unique collaborative approach of icf ild aims to bring together professional and subject experts in the field of development; environment; renewable energy; education; and health.  
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