Sharp International Education Incorporated (SIE Inc.)
We have extensive hands-on experience spanning two decades in education and consulting sectors both in India and Canada.  Backed by significant hands-on industry and sustainable development expertise, Sharp International Education Inc. has established a Centre of Excellence (ICf ILD), which brings to the table wide- ranging international experience and a network of key team members across South Asia; Canada; and the United Kingdom (For details, please visit:

Our experience
Sharp International Education Inc. is the new agency set up as a center for excellence for global innovation, learning and development.
Focus Area
International education and services with a view to prepare students with the knowledge base and skills for the next generation global job market (next-gen global job market)

Vision statement
Preparing students for global employability –knowledge transfer
Our team
Our directors have worked for Indian and Canadian corporate and government sector including international agencies such as United Nations and World Bank.

Experience in Indian and Canadian market
For nearly two decades, our association in Indian market through Sharp Developments has spanned two decades.  Sharp Developments -SD (registered as society in India under the Societies Registration Act 1860). SD has been a leading Non-Governmental organization working towards nurturing leadership for innovative and sustainable solutions in the development sector. Our focus areas have been Climate Change; Low Carbon Technologies; Energy and Environmental Management; Rural Development; Technology Transfer and Capacity Building & Training (For details, please log on to:
Canadian experience
Our Canadian experience includes working for all levels of government in public policy domain such as energy markers, technology transfer and innovation while integrating Canadian policy objectives with growth and competitiveness agenda.

At an individual level I have personally been involved in developing institutional capacities in both Indian and Canada markets.  My personal hands-on experience of working with development partner agencies such as UN, USAID and World Bank, gives me strategic advantage to understand the skill shortage issues in India and how it can be effectively bridged with quality and skilled education offered by Canadian educational system. 
We have extensively worked on various India Canadian bilateral forums.  Our work experience includes participation in the Indo Canada CEO’s forum and the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber (ICBC) and on-going activities of the Canadian High Commission in India.
Our USP - Finding smart fit and solid professional guidance to students in India

  • Strength of Canadian Education system
  • Canadian lifestyle –cross cultural aspects
  • Comparative costs advantages
  • Student education placement to maximize your aptitude; skill set and to put prospective students on global employment trend
  • Solid linkages in Canadian education system including schools/colleges and universities
  • Hands-on understanding of Indian / (South Asian market) and education system to be able to provide customized educational services
  • Corporate presence in Indian and Canadian market to provide hands-on guidance to  students.

Our Strategic approachis based on understanding of the future market conditions in both India and Canada.  For example, Canada has a global advantage by being a leading country in clean tech sector.

These emerging market dynamics have to be matched with critical skill shortages in Indian clean tech sector.  In recent reports, it has been noted that India’s goal to dramatically expand clean technologies could trigger a green jobs boom adding one million new engineers, technicians, solar installers, maintenance workers and performance data monitors to its workforce, according to a new report released in connection with a “Make in India” conference in Mumbai.
The report by Natural Resources Defense Council and the Council on Energy, Environment and Water outlines the types of new jobs and new training facilities and institutes needed for India to reach its ambitious national target to add 100 gigawatts (GW) of installed solar energy by 2022.
Sharp International to bridge the gap between research and the marketplace –serving the needs of students by understanding such evolving market and industry trends and utilizing wide network among educational institutions, we are appropriately positioned to brand our services by linking academia and industry in India and Canada.
We base our vision on developing an understanding of what is going to change from now to next 20 years – global employment trend, such as;

  • Clean technology
  • Skilled human resources
  • Strategic management
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Autonomous systems
  • Smart Cities; Climate Change; Energy; Environment
  • Technology, Innovation and Development
  • Communication and Social Media
  • Business finance
  • Economics

We are associate partners of Canada-based immigration solutions firm with international affiliations, managed by a team of professionals certified and licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), the federal regulator designated in The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, 2002. This strategic partnership gives prospective students full range of educational, visa and immigration related services under one roof.  Our hands-on knowledge and expertise with navigating through Canada’s immigration system allows us to offer full-spectrum, end-to-end immigration solutions. For more details, please log on to,



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